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YUELI provides the highest quality English language instruction, serving over 2,000 students from more than 50 different countries every year. Our personal service, dedicated and well-qualified instructors and classroom diversity are just some of the reasons why so many choose YUELI.

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All YUELI students have access to the full range of excellent York University campus services, including residence, libraries, computer facilities, sports and fitness facilities, a health care centre, student clubs, 24-hour campus security services, and restaurants. YUELI's own student resource centre, the Nexus, has computers and an extensive library.

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The Academic Program's Linguistic Mix Policy ensures that the student body consists of a well-balanced mix of linguistic backgrounds. This establishes English as the language of communication among students and provides an experience of learning with a diverse student body. The program's in-class learning is complemented with interesting extra-curricular activities such as trips, sporting events, musical performances, and clubs. Conversation Partners provide an opportunity for Academic Program students to have real-life conversations with Canadian students.